Listening for the Rhythm of Silence

For many unbroken hours, I've heard it call to me. I've never been remotely as awake as when I begin to listen to it.

Life is a balanced play of two complementary things, and I have known it. Like dance springs from breath, music springs from silence.

Think how all the beauty in the universe calls to us, so infinite and varied. Silence is how we listen to it; Music, song, and dance, even speech, is how we answer it back.

In my own poor way of making music, I barely begin to answer it back; so I listen to the music and speech of others.

And, even so, like the visage of the most diamond-sparkling sandy beach to every possible beautiful sight, silence has everything as has every possible piece of music; all at once; I’ve heard it;

And, in face of the relentless cacophony of a mechanized and egotistical civilization, I long to hear it again.

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